Friday, June 24, 2011

First Friends Social

For the folks who follow this blog, you know we had our first Friends Social meeting on Thursday at the Interagency office. All who attended and participated online were happy with the experience. The few glitches that occurred did not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. All who attended are special people concerned with the environment and conservation. A couple people of note who attended include Sharon Shafer and Jim Boone. There were 31 folks total who took part. The first presenter was Alyson Mack, Education Specialist from Ash Meadows NWR. Presenting from Ash Meadows over the conference line, she described why Ash Meadows NWR is so special. Many folks haven't been to Ash Meadows. Others who have been there were surprised to discover things about the refuge that aren't readily apparent to the casual observer. The second presenter was Bruce Lund. He described his research of the local dragon and damselflies populations. He has documented many firsts in the area extending the geographic map of species populations. He also solicited for citizen researchers to help further document extant populations. Many folks commented on the great photos and informative presentations. We hope you can attend the next Social which will be held sometime in September. We'll keep you posted here and through the mailing list of subject, presenters and date. If you would like more information about the social or Bruce’s call for citizen researchers, or to be included in the mailing list, send us an email at > <.