Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Minutes

The NFWF Grant (from 2010) has been approved and will have the final documents to receive funds sent with signature. Frank & Harry will write the NFWF Grant for 2011. Have all suggestions to them and the Board by April 8.

To enhance our ability to interact with remote locations and to save on gas for our Friends at distant refuges we're going to try out a new location for the Board meetings. The next regular Board meeting will at the Interagency Office; 4701 N. Torrey Pines Dr. A conference line will be set up and all interested will be supplied with the phone number and passcode. Don't forget, the Board meetings start at 6PM. !

It was decided that in order to alieviate the general membership from the tedium of the Board meetings a separate general membership meeting will be held where more “fun” stuff would be offered. General membership meetings might include field trips, talks, or other programs by FWS biologists and other staff, volunteers with expertise on wildlife, wildflowers, and other topics, invited speakers, and so forth. This would be a great way to use Friends funds for speakers (if funding was needed), refreshments, etc., an excellent way to build membership, and also to inform folks about the many programs and projects going on at the Refuges. Further, there was a proposal that these could also be virtual meetings: meaning an attendee could participate in the meeting from home on their personal computer. More on this as it arises.

Related to providing services to our Friends Membership, writer Mark Petterson has volunteered to create a regular member newsletter. It will incorporate information, activities, and articles of interest from the four refuges. Mark is aiming to get this started sometime in April or May.

Desert NWR 75th Anniversary events will be spread out over the week of the Anniversary including but not limited to a May 14th Refuge Jeep Tour, a May 21st hike to the Hidden Forest, a Red Rock Audubon Society field trip, and a reception/celebration event at the Las Vegas Paiute Reservation. Invitations with more information will be going out to everyone soon.

The Friends Vision Statement was approved. It's in the side bar.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kids Events at Ash Meadows NWR

At Ash Meadows NWR, there's a few neat upcoming events for kids...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moapa Valley NWR appears in USA Today!!!

' Federal program gives families 'nature prescriptions'
Here's what Matias Rojas Perez first saw on a trail walk in the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge: a wild rabbit dashing past, a 3-inch-long endangered fish, soaring birds and creeping snakes...
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